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HR Integration Services

We are our partner's preferred service provider for customers who want to implement the SHAPEiN Connectivity Solution or the SHAPEiN HCM Integration platform. With our in-depth knowledge about our Solution and Software, deep expertise around domain knowledge, we are committed towards success of all our customers implementation needs the best option for solving your integration needs.

Consulting Services

Implementation Services

We offer training and implementation services of our solutions. With our outstanding experience in integrating Cloud HCM solutions from and to on-premise based HR, Payroll and Time Management systems we cater for a seamless end-to-end HR process integration by minimizing the manual maintenance of data in different systems.

Our special expertise lies in integrating Workday to SAP and vice versa (Time, Payroll, Organization Management) based on Workday's Connectors, and HR Cloud systems or SAP on-premise to Document Management systems.

Solution Maintenance and Support

Our software solutions are always kept up to date. When an HR solution vendor such as Workday or SAP updates their systems, we will also provide an update to our integration platforms to assure the newest functionalities of the Cloud Software are covered as well as keeping the effort with release upgrades as low as possible for the integration.

Part of our offering is our ongoing support. No matter if your processes evolve over time requiring configuration changes, the usage of one of your HCM systems changes or your organization grows, a team of dedicated consultants is there to support you remotely in every aspect of using or adapting our integration tool. 

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System Driven


Many processes between different HR solutions are system driven. We bring in-depth knowledge about how these processes can be seamlessly integrated end-to-end. 

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Data Split Orchestration

Understanding which HR solution is the master of data maintenance is crucial to build a global data model across systems. We have a vast experience of defining the data split and its orchestration.

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Proof of Concepts

If you are concerned about embarking on a complicated and long-lasting IT integration journey, we do offer well-defined and fixed price PoCs to evaluate the feasibility of combining different HR solutions in your specific customer environment. 

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