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HCM Integration Platform

End-to-end integration infrastructure and content for different best-of-breed HCM solutions potentially used at any organization…

  • Multi-HCM: Solution integration platform 

  • Packages: Specific integration scenarios with pre-packaged content 

  • Functional knowledge: In-depth HCM process knowledge 

  • System stability: Built on SAP Cloud Platform 

  • Highly-flexible assembly structure: Packages can be easily enhanced

Workday to/from SAP HCM Integration

Based on expertise we realized very early on the challenges and complexities involved in connecting or integrating Workday HCM and SAP Payroll. Our Software was designed with a group of major European companies to develop a Payroll Connectivity Solution that provides plug and play integration between Workday’s HCM solution and the SAP’s on-premise HCM world.

For companies running HR Admin processes with Workday and at the same time run a SAP HCM on-premise solution for payroll, time management or other processes, a key success factor for an effective and efficient HRIS support is the question of how to connect these solutions in a flexible yet robust and effective way with minimal data entry points or synchronization and processing of errors and data\process split disruptions while maintaining the natural structure and process\data flow of both systems. 

With our Solution we are able to deliver a robust and fast deployment of an optimized integration for each of our client’s specific needs and are able to eliminate failures compared to opting for an inhouse custom developed solution.

The SAP Connectivity Solution Handles Data Transfer End-to-End

Sap_conectivity_solution_def_Mesa de tra

Workday or SAP HCM to PeopleDoc

Business Process Integration

The latest addition to our Software stacks includes and end-to-end integration from Workday to People Doc giving clients the ability to rapidly integrate Business Processes and Content.

HCM_integration_achitecture2_Mesa de tra

HCM Integration Platform


End-to-End integration

for Best of breed HCM Solutions 

As the premier leader in HCM Integration solutions SHAPEiN offers companies a tailored solution with end to end integration of processes and content.

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