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UKG HRSD Integration

UKG HR Service Delivery platform helps HR departments to improve the employee needs in their journeys from beginning  to end by managing employee documentation and providing and easy to use employee case management platform. As a result, companies offer the best of user and employee experiences.

SHAPEiN HCM Integration Platform

SHAPEiN's solution provides an integration between Workday to UKG HRSD. It is based on a SaaS model developed and maintained by SHAPEiN Solutions. The pre-defaulted solution allows for a quick and efficient setup, helping clients to rapidly integrate data, business processes and content between the systems.

Simplified Integration with SHAPEiN


Workday to UKG HRSD
SHAPEiN Integration

Our integrated solution enables organizations to prioritize their workforce and enhance HR efficiency by seamlessly accessing UKG HRSD within the Workday platform. Users can effortlessly switch between systems, allowing for greater agility. A significant portion of previously manual procedures can be automated, effectively managing all associated employee documentation.

Browser Based SaaS Application 

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